Small Business Internet Marketing – What You Need to Generate More Leads and Make More Sales

Let’s suppose that you have the most beautiful website in the world. It has all the functionality that anyone could want, and you have tons of great content there as well. You think that your website is really going to help you build your business: generate more leads, brand your business, and make more sales.

However, without this one thing, your website will not help your business at all. What’s that one thing? Targeted traffic!

Think about it: if no one visits your amazing website, you really can’t make any online sales, right? You can’t generate new prospects through your website. You can’t build your brand or establish your expertise. You need traffic!

You can’t just drive any traffic though. The type of traffic that you want is what is known as “targeted” traffic. Targeted visitors are people who already want to purchase your products/services or who are interested in learning more about your products/services.

For instance, let’s say you own a sporting goods store. You want people who are interested in your products to visit your website, so that they can buy directly from your website or give you their contact information so that you can follow up with them.

If you get a ton of traffic, but no one is interested in sporting goods, how does that help your business? It doesn’t.

So how can you drive targeted traffic to your website? Some methods are article marketing, video marketing (YouTube), forum marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising.

Small Business Online Marketing – One Crucial Element That Your Business Website Must Have

By now, all of you small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs probably already understand how important it is to have a website for your business. Many of you may even have websites for your businesses already; however, is your business website really effective in helping you drive up your profits? Or is your website simply a static site that doesn’t allow visitors to do anything but read about your business?

As a small business owner who is looking to boost business profits through Internet marketing, you need to ask yourself, what is the purpose of my website? Is the main objective of my website to provide visitors with information about my business? Or is the main goal of my website actually to help bring in more business for me?

If the objective of your website is to help you bring in more business, then you need this one crucial element: an autoresponder. An autoresponder service, such as AWeber, will allow you to be able to create lead capture forms, which you should place on every one of your website’s pages. By providing your visitors with an incentive, you can capture their e-mail addresses, which will allow you to be able to follow up with and market to them on a consistent basis.

An autoresponder service can also help you build a database of prospects and/or clients, which will help you acquire new customers and sell repeatedly to repeat customers. You can also load up your autoresponder with follow-up e-mails so that it sends them automatically; therefore, you pretty much have an automated marketing system.